Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Longer The Wait, The Bigger The Blessing

     This is what my Dad always used to tell me throughout my 4 year long fertility struggle.  I used to hang on to these words in the back of my mind whenever I was having a tough day, surrounded by myriads of pregnant ladies, suffering through yet another baby shower or being questioned about why we were waiting so long to have children...didn't we know "it is so much easier to raise children when you are young?" 

       I know I haven't blogged since I shared the details of our birth story (has it really been nine months?!) but I thought it was time to burst back into the blogging world after receiving an especially moving card from a very close friend of mine last night.  She was congratulating me on my first real Mothers Day (so very thoughtful) and talking about how sometimes it's hard to understand God's plan especially when it requires us waiting an incredibly long time to achieve our dreams.  She went on to say that when we do realize our dreams after so much time has passed, how much sweeter it seems to be.  I instantly thought of my Dad's encouraging words "the longer the wait, the bigger the blessing."  So. True.  While this friend of mine is not struggling with infertility, she is patiently waiting to find a husband.  After her fiance suddenly called off their wedding (after 9 years of dating) she has been doing her best to move on and find that special someone.  So many of us in this community have amazing support from our loving husbands.  In the midst of our struggles, sometimes it's so easy to forget how lucky we are to have found that special someone.  We should all give our husbands/wives an extra hug tonight. 

       I couldn't possibly finish this post without updating all of you on my two loves.  First here are a few pictures of their growth from birth to 9 months : )  Better late than never I suppose.


     You are such a sweet little girl, from you soft little voice to the gentle, careful way you explore the world.  Your first words were "da da" and boy do you light up when Daddy enters the room.  I'm pretty sure Daddy is just as smitten with you : )   You wake up happy every morning, laughing and smiling from the moment we enter your room.  You are fascinated with the large tree on your wall and always want to touch the little bird decal that "flies" so close to your crib.  You amaze me because you never have to work at doing anything for the first time.  All of the sudden you start doing something new like you have always been doing it.  You have two little teeth, you love our puppy Rudy and you think the ceiling fan is the funniest thing you have ever seen : )  You have never liked a pacifier; instead you love to suck your thumb while holding the tag on your blankie tight in your hand. 
     I have never seen a smile as big as yours before : )  You are always going a hundred miles an hour.  Instead of exploring one thing at a time, you use both of your hands to check out more than one thing at once.  You love to snuggle with Mommy and you ALWAYS have to have a piece of Mommy's hair tight in your fist.  You love to nap and your eyes instantly close as soon as you are snuggled next to your blankie.  You belly laugh whenever Daddy throws you in the air and you absolutely LOVE to eat.  Your arms and legs start going crazy as soon as we put you in your high chair.  Not surprisingly, your first words were "ba ba."  You too love Rudy and love to entice him to come near by sticking  your hands out for him to lick.  You are so very curious that Mommy is kind of worried for when you figure out how to crawl forward.  Surely no stone will be left unturned.     

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